Retail - One of the Leading Retail Chains in China

Leveraging hypermarket as the main format of CRE’s retail division, the division is developing in regions in which the Group has dominant market share and to increase its market share by rapidly expanding its multi-format business platform. It operated over 4,600 multi-format stores in China as at the end of 2013. Well-known brands include "華潤萬家 CR Vanguard", "蘇果 Suguo", "Ole'", "blt", “V>nGO", "歡樂頌 Fun Square", "中藝 Chinese Arts & Crafts", "華潤堂 CRCare", "采活VIVO" , "Voi_la!", "太平洋咖啡 Pacific Coffee", etc.

   Beer - The World's Best-selling Single Beer Brand by Volume

CRE's beer division has a sales volume of approximately 11,722,000 kiloliters in 2013, of which more than 90% was the Group’s national “雪花 Snow” brand beer. The “雪花 Snow” brand beer has been the best-selling single beer brand in China by volume since 2005 and has also been the world's best-selling single beer brand by volume since 2008. The beer division has a market share of around 23% in China as at the end of 2013. CRE operated around 95 breweries in China with an aggregate annual production capacity of over 19,000,000 kiloliters as at the end of 2013.

   Food – One of the Largest Chinese Foodstuffs Suppliers in Hong Kong

Committed to providing “Safe, Healthy and Convenient” food products, CRE's food division is primarily engaged in the businesses of rice, fruit and vegetable, meat, frozen food and modern agricultural plantation, as well as the operation of the China Resources Hope Town development project. It is expanding its presence in the China market, leveraging its “五豐 Ng Fung” brand reputation in food quality for over 60 years in Hong Kong. It has established a vertically-integrated food supply chain that encompasses research and development, production and processing, as well as wholesaling, retail, logistics and international trading. In 2013, the division reported turnover of over HK$12 billion.

   Beverage - Committed to Building a Strong Position in China's Non-alcoholic Beverage Market

CRE's beverage division has a sales volume of 4,930,000 kiloliters in 2013. Its flagship purified water brand“怡寶 C'estbon” division has a leading market position in southern China. Leveraging the synergies between “怡寶 C'estbon” purified water's market leadership and sales network and our “麒麟 Kirin” beverage products, we are committed to building a strong position in China's non-alcoholic beverage market. As at the end of 2013, CRE had 38 beverage plants (including 29 OEM plants) in China.