Retail - China's Leading Retail Chain

CRE operated around 4,400 multi-format stores in China as at the end of 2012. Well-known brands include "華潤萬家 CR Vanguard", "蘇果 Suguo", "Ole'", "blt", “V>nGO", "歡樂頌 Fun2", "中藝 Chinese Arts & Crafts", "華潤堂 CR Care", "采活Vivo" , "Voi_la!", "太平洋咖啡 Pacific Coffee", etc. Hypermarket will remain the main retail format of the Group’s retail division. The division will continue to develop in regions in which the Group has dominant market share and to increase its market share by rapidly expanding its multi-format business platform.

   Beer - China's Largest Brewer by Sales Volume and World's Best-selling Single Beer Brand

CRE operated around 85 breweries in China with an aggregate annual production capacity of over 18,000,000 kiloliters as at the end of 2012. The Group’s sales volume was approximately 10,639,000 kiloliters in 2012, of which more than 90% was the Group’s national “雪花 Snow” brand beer. The beer division has a market share of around 22% in China as at the end of 2012. “雪花 Snow” brand beer has been the best-selling single beer brand in China in terms of sales volume for eight consecutive years and is also the world's best-selling single beer brand in terms of volume.

   Food - Hong Kong's Largest Supplier of Chinese Foodstuffs

CRE's food business actively expanded its market presence in China leveraging the reputation of its “五豐 Ng Fung” brand. It will strategically identity opportunities to expand its revenue stream and focus on the development of high potential businesses such as sourcing and distribution of certain food and agricultural products. More growth potential is expected to be explored through the synergy from the cooperation with CRE’s retail business.

   Beverage - Leading Market Position in Guangdong Province

CRE operated 27 beverage plants (including 19 OEM plants) in China as at the end of 2012. Its flagship purified water brand, "怡寶 C'estbon", has a leading market position in Southern China. In 2012, its total sales volume amounted to approximately 3,507,000 kiloliters. It expanded the sales of “麒麟 Kirin” beverage products through the distribution channels of its packed water operation. The beverage division will continue to engage in research and development on new products with the aim of tapping the robust demand for more innovative products for customers.